Days 16-17 driving and hotel mischief 

The beginning of the trip is really nothing more then hotel shenanigans and driving and restaurants. 

We just have to get the heck out of the middle of America to get anywhere else. 

We have had some nonsense moments in hotels in Salina KS and Oklahoma City. 

Including but not limited to streaking down hallways, bathing in toilets, picnics on the floor and eating too many cookies to count. 

We are not typically bedsharers but have been doing a great job of it. 

Ice cream and play places to get out some energy during this weather.  

While at chickfila the boys may or may not have been so over being in the car and strapped in that they were lying on the floor in a pigpile while I was ordering food. I began to apologize to people for it and then just said, we’ve been in the car for two days…it is what it is. 

Starting tonight we are in places longer than one night…with a kitchen. Maybe we will get some normalcy and routine going…but who is to say what normal really is anyway. I think we are pretty normal and awesome just the way we are. 


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