36 weeks

35 weeks edited

How far along| 36 weeks

Baby’s Size| According to Babycenter.com you should be an average of 6 lbs and 18 1/2 inches long. This week they compare you to a crenshaw melon.
Weight Gain| OMG, At the midwife this week, I weighed myself and wanted to cry. I know it is just you growing…I do eat healthy I swear it!! I am up to 156 lbs…thats 34 lbs so far…and still a few weeks to go. Your Dad swears it is all in my belly, but I know my legs are starting to grow as well.

Symptoms| Charlie Horses, Feet Asleep and big ole achy hips


  • Your room looks fantastic!
  • collage
  • Today your cousin Autumn Rose was born! (Congratulations Hoj and Angela!!)
  • Thursday we are meeting with Seminole County Community Services to help us install your car seat correctly (who knew there were actual professionals who did this for a living)
  • My practice surges (or Braxton Hicks for your non hypnobirth junkies) are really coming on strong…every day!
  • I had a mini meltdown a few nights ago and admitted being scared and nervous and all that jazz about becoming a Mom. I cried and maybe it was the hormones, but more likely it was just me being a bit honest about the next road of our life. Your Dad is the most wonderful man and sat down with me. We talked about how exciting it will be when you are here to hold and all the firsts we get to have together. Us raising you, the three of us growing together and experiencing the most wonderful adventures. You are already here, even though you aren’t earth side yet, you are here. You are influencing us everyday and each decision we make includes you. Can’t wait to meet you little man!

One comment

  1. Yay! I love the room! And your mini-meltdown is a sign that you’re going to be a good mom. Parenthood is a big responsibility and it’s good you are preparing for it. Also…it’s the hormones.

    I remember sitting on the couch and sobbing, literally SOBBING to the point Henri ran into the room thinking I hurt myself. The cause of my tears? I was watching The Wizard of Oz and Auntie Em and Uncle Henry locked Dorothy out of the storm cellar by accident just as the twister was coming, and what if I did something like that our baby????

    So, yeah. Hormones.


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