21 weeks

week 21

How far along: 21 weeks

Total weight gain: gained 11 lbs total

Maternity clothes: I still wear my jeans but most of my shirts are still regular shirts. I do think I am ready for some big ole cotton underroos (TMI, sorry) and flattering pajamas.

Stretch marks: nope, stay away. My water intake and intense love of watermelon hopefully will continue to fuel good skin.

Sleep: ugh, my arch nemesis. Every 4th night or so I get a good night’s rest. My hips are sore and I toss and turn a ton. Eunee now cuddles with Adam not me…I think I disturb her too much

Best moment of this week: On the 10th, I was lying watching TV and I truly felt you kick, or punch, or knee, or head butt. I immediately had your Dad sit with me and after some time, you started going…maybe it was the samba or macarena, but you were moving for a good 90 minutes. We both felt it. You are incredible!

Miss anything: feeling pretty. My hormones are destroying my hair and skin. I miss my arm muscles and yoga and my slim fit jeans. But, after meeting with our midwife this week, she really made it a point to explain how amazing everything that is happening inside and to me. How, you are just taking it all from me so you can become the most incredible and handsome little boy.

Movement: see above

Food cravings: not really. I still really don’t want any sugar and love watermelon.

Anything making you queasy or sick: being too full

Gender: Boy!

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On, although when I sleep, I have been taking them off.

Happy or moody most of the time:  no comment. I try to be happy. I really do. We just have so much I want to work its way out that it is all I can think about.

Registry: Babysrus… we are done for now, I think. We have been there a few times and really can’t even think that we will need anything more than what we have on our list.

Looking forward to: finding an apartment so we can start getting your room ready. I went to joann’s and bought some very cool fabric to start making things for your room…a blanket, art work and bumpers. They are all turquoise  greens and oranges. They also all have to do with travel, we bought bikes, airplanes, boats, and are sooo cute! I will start cutting for a blanket this week.


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