Customer Service and Credibility is essential

During the last few days of the Health Challenge I have mentioned Tracy Anderson. I have been promoting her product since February 2011 when I first started her 30 day book. I can never seem to change the channel when the infomercials come on TV. I highly recommend her products to people looking for a good workout regimen that isn’t too difficult and has great results.
This is their landing page. Do you see anything about backorders? or coming soon?

Well last night, I checked the status of my order, which I happened to place 3 weeks ago. The order is still processing said the tracking website. So, I wrote to customer service about my inquiry and this was their response.

We apologize for the delay. Due to overwhelming response to this program, and the volume of pre- orders, the Pregnancy Project is currently on a slight backorder. We appreciate your patience. Unfortunately we do not have an exact date available. Again, we do apologize. If you choose to cancel the order, we can do so at any time before the item ships. If you choose to keep the order, we would like to offer a $10.00USD discount, to thank you for your patience. Please let us know if you would like us to process this discount for you.

Let me tell you, there has been no contact on their behalf to me mentioning anything about back orders. Let me also tell you that I ordered it when I was 3 months prego, now I am close to 5 and by the time the videos may possibly arrive my baby may be here! Here was my response:

Thank you for the prompt follow up. As you are not able to furnish a timeframe for delivery, I would like to request that my order be cancelled and refunded. In hopes that you take in account your customers feedback for further development, I would like to reiterate my disappointment. I believe that I speak for many expecting mothers when I say that the overall credibility of the TAM name is hurt when a marketed product is being sold prior to its completion and/or sufficient stocking date and proper communication is not kept with customers.

This response was the best they could send.

Hello, We do apologize.  We have cancelled your order per your request.  It will not be billed or shipped.  You may visit to view your updated order.  Allow one business day for the order to update on the site.  Please let us know if we can further assist you.

I absolutely think it is a shame. I will continue to use the DVD’s I have and possibly purchase books etc from the book store. But, I will not be wasting my time supporting a product, site and star that can not communicate with their customers and keep them up to date on orders.



  1. I, and countless others have had problems with Tracy Anderson’s poor customer service. It’s such a shame because their products are great but the customer service department are useless!!! There seem to be a lot of problems with people waiting for their Pregnancy Projects, non of these people were notified that the product was on back order and had to chase up themselves. Thankfully I have encountered one person who works for the Tracy Anderson team who were able to resolve a problem that I had, but this was someone who is separate to and not contactable through the customer service email/phone number, so had this helpful person not actually gotten in touch with me (thanks to my rants on a facebook group) my problem wouldn’t have ever been resolved despite repeated emails to customer service. While not all of the customer service advisors you speak to are bad, a staggering amount seem to be clueless when it comes to the product and generally seem unhappy and fed up with their job so do not seem in the best of mood to assist!


    • I feel sad to hear about everyone’s poor experiences but am happy to know that I am not the only one. My husband and I are constantly talking about how hard it is to get a job these days and some people, especially those in customer service, don’t do a great job. We are currently job hunting and it drives us crazy!


      • Sorry to hear that, I always find it a surprise when people are rude to me who work in the customer service industry, having worked in it myself I know I wouldn’t dare be rude so I really wonder how people have the audacity! Best of luck with the job hunting, I hope you find something soon


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