Day #11 – Soldier Story

Many of my family members have served in the military.

  • The latest is my 19 year old cousin graduating from the Marines at Parris Island this coming weekend.
  • My three cousins were all in the Army.
  • One cousin was in the Coast Guard.
  • My father-in-law was a marine.
  • My Dad was in the Airforce along with my two uncles.
  • My Grandpa was in the Navy.

I think I have everyone covered.


This is a very iconic photo taken in 1945. My Papa has had this photo hanging in his garage for as long as I can remember. He always used to say it was him. (although I know it wasn’t, I can absolutely see his spirit in this sailor)

When we were kids, there was a military base right in the heart of Orlando. I can’t recall if it was Navy or Army but every year we would watch fireworks there on the Fourth. During Thanksgiving time, we would adopt soldiers who were stationed there away from their families and have them come to our home and eat with us. It was always something special that I remember being able to tell all of the kids at school about.

I remember being in Elementary School and my Dad was in Airforce Reserves. He brought a ton of MRE’s to my class so we could all try them. I am not sure why I loved them so much, maybe it was like a microwave meal to me. As kids we thought they were the best tasting fun snacks to eat, although ask any soldier and they are sure to say they would take a home cooked meal over an MRE any day.

There was also a point when I was in my early twenties and AOL chat was huge. I met a guy online who was a soldier and we chatted non stop. He was stationed overseas and when he came back from war, I was able to go to South Carolina to the welcome home ceremony. Although I only spoke with him one other time after her arrived back to the states, being a part of that ceremony, with all those families was something I will never forget.

I can’t begin to understand what it is like to be in the military or to go through the training, be away from your family and think first of defending your country…oh and not questioning orders.

But, everyday I am thankful to all of them and everyone else serving that has given us the freedoms we have.

Traveling around the world, we very rarely felt unsafe. Mostly, we were proud when people asked us where we came from and we were able to confidently say America.

So to all you soldiers, military families and amazing military wives, Thank you.


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