Pseudomonas Aeruginosa’s home is your mascara wand

If you are a man, you may want to skip this one…unless you care deeply about your makeup using significant other and want to give them a heads up.

FYI ladies, your makeup is a breeding ground for bacterias! Yup, I always knew it, but never really paid much attention. We tend to all keep our makeup way too long past the expiration dates.

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Instead of replacing makeup when it expires, according to research by Debenhams, “68 per cent of women say they replace make-up or skin products only when they run out, no matter how long that takes.A further 72 per cent never wash make-up sponges or brushes” At least I know I am not alone.

The article compares moldy and bacteria ridden food to make up, we throw the food away, but keep the makeup- I can be quite the gross human being!

If you want to see how healthy of a Makeup user you are, take this quiz on WebMD.

Yesterday, as I spent my sunday perousing through Pinterest, I found a “recipe” to clean my make up brushes.

Let me start by saying I am definitely not a makeup artist. I have some nice brushes due to the very good sales person at MAC and the desire to want to be good at makeup application.

Everyday I do the same thing with my makeup, a little foundation on my eyes and concealer around my very hormonal broken out face (thanks baby), a little bronzer, some eye makeup, mascara, eye liner and some gloss.

My brushes are disgusting, I think I last cleaned them oh maybe last year. Each one reflects the one type of makeup I use with the brush. They have changed color and are a bit goopy. (yes GROSS!)

I even read that using saliva on your brushes makes the bacteria that much worse. Why would I even mention saliva and make up brushes!!!??? The wonderful makeup pro at MAC told me that I could wet my narrow brush and use eyeshadow as eye liner. Well, instead of using a sink to wet my brush I typically just use my tongue (GROSS YET AGAIN, NASTY GIRL, Do you ladies do that?)

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Back to my Sunday perousing. I found this on Pinterest. It was incredibly simple and worked. Basically you take equal amounts of dish soap and olive oil and put them on a plate. Homemade Mama’s cleaned one brush with 1/2 a tsp. of each. I ended up using about 1/2 a cup for my brushes.

Then, you mix your brushes through the mixture until the plate turns makeupy. You can see all the muck come off. Then, rinse them under warm water, reshape and let dry over night.

OMG, yes not Oh my God, but definitely OMG, my brushes are brand new. The bristles are no longer skin color, they are white! I am truly in shock and can’t believe 1. how simple it was to clean them and 2. maybe part of my complexion problem isn’t hormonal baby growth, it is the bacteria infested makeup brushes I use every day to try to cover up those beastly imperfections!

photo by
PS. my brushes looked just like this

So, ladies, please take the time to clean your brushes once a week…and the wand in your mascara.

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