heart 2 heart

Adam and I had a consultation last week at Heart 2 Heart Birthing Center, on the recommendation of a friend. It is a full on Birthing Center with a Midwife. Adam and I were a little skeptical because we didn’t want to walk into a place where women who looked like hippies preached about the wonders of nature and nurture etc.

We were pleasantly surprised and before we left, we knew it was the place for us to deliver our little one in April.

We took a tour of the place and met with Lynn, one of the three midwives. We spoke for a good 20 minutes about the center and about my pregnancy and experiences so far. She was very warm and we felt comfortable immediately.

The office is set up very much like a house complete with a kitchen, living room, media room and three birthing suites complete with tubs, Victorian furniture and patios.

The Center allows you to be as in control of the birthing event as you want. Most everything is optional. You only have to have one sonogram at 19 weeks to make sure the baby is healthy and you can find out the sex (which we are so excited for). All other tests and sonograms are up to you if you want them or not. They do see you on the same routine basis as a regular doctors office. They also work with an OB in Winter Park so if you need any tests or have any other issues you can see him.

During delivery Adam can be as involved as he wants… he can even catch the baby (kind of cool if he wants). You can have a water birth, or not. You can have whomever in the room you want, or everyone can wait in the living room.

Their office is located next door to a hospital where they will take you if an emergency occurs during birth, but they explained this is very rare since they don’t take any high risk pregnancies.

You even take your little one home only 4-6 hours after giving birth, and you can wear whatever you like during the whole process (not that I will be sporting any fancy lingerie or anything)

They do not use any drugs or painkillers etc. Birth is not rushed. They offer classes such as Daddy Bootcamp and all the traditional relaxation classes and info on breastfeeding etc. They have a library of books you can borrow if you’d like.

I read that around week 34 I believe included in your regular appointment is a spoil Mom moment where you can get henna done, a mani/ pedi or a massage (kind of a nice extra)

I asked Maryanne,  my Mother-In-Law, who is a registered NP, to read over all of the paperwork and disclosures to make sure that everything was safe ect. After her educated approval and with us feeling so comfortable, we really feel that this is the place for us.

(we don’t have a lot of pictures, but they have amazing ones on their site!)


  1. Sounds like birthing centers and midwifing have come a long ways since the days where we were first introduced to the concept. I’m happy Maryanne endorses this. I looked at their site and was, again, pleasantly surprised….will look at it again (and again). Love you guys. Dad


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