track stars…..

Every morning as I sit at the window, sipping on my coffee, I reflect on the deeper meanings in life. Sometimes I stare off into the great unknown and think…..”is that exhaust smoke or a…OH LORD JESUS!!! its a…..*cough, hmm…sorry, I digress. That was my ode to Sweet Brown..completely irrelevant but i’m such a sucker for autotune ….(click here) 😉

…But seriously, our apartment overlooks the Gyeongnam Technical High School high school track and over the past two weeks, Nicole and I have made our way to the quarter mile circuit several times in an attempt to formulate a cardio regiment.

While I run, sweat, pant….think about getting old, and involuntarily tinkle ever-so-slightly in the blazing morning sun, Nicole does her power walks, stretches and light weight exercises on the field. It really is a great way to start our day and effectively eliminates the need for that second cup of Joe. Plus, Nicole likes to show off her neon trimmed Nike yoga pants that make her look like a superhero…and I don’t need much of a reason to get me into some its-bitsy running shorts.

Korean’s are always struttin around like no big woop on the mountains, so we figure this will help us keep up with the Jones’s…well, more like the Kim’s and Park’s but you get the idea.

don’t forget to stretch,


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