5 years.

August 10, 2007

6:30pm, Orlando Florida

I casually walked out of my house into the front yard. Well, to an onlooker it may have seemed casual but the truth was that my heart was racing like I just evaded a hungry pack of K9 dogs and my shirt pits were on a collision course with sweat bombs the size of apples. I was awaiting the arrival of my date….who was charitable enough to pick me up on our first meeting. You see…..”my car was acting funny”, which was code for “my license is suspended”, and every Maxim guide to scoring chicks I’ve ever read says to keep that on the low low. Nevermind that none of those articles said said anything about standing outside your home convulsing in a pool of perspiration moments before your first encounter.

She pulled around the corner and all I could think was “holy $hit….did I zip my fly?”

Rather than bore you with tales of how I majestically woo’d Nicole,  which was all epically manly and would inevitably  lead to mass invites on how to construct a guide on being a suave lady killer, i’ll keep it simple. That night I met my wife. I didn’t know it…..she most definitely did not know it. But, 5 years to the day I look at her and am constantly reminded that I don’t have much room for sadness in my life and that not a moment of it should be seen as anything less than amazing.

love you so much,



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