Veggie cleanout

As I have mentioned before, veggies in SOK ate super inexpensive if you shop at the markets. You can get so much more your money. But the trick is that you have to figure out how to eat it all before it goes bad. Sometimes this entails eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This morning I decided to make zucchini tots. I found the recipe via Pinterest, but of course I can’t follow a recipe and had to alter it.


I added 2 eggs and a bit of tofu, a large garlic clove and chopped rosemary into a bowl.

Chopped red pepper, zucchini, onion, and eggplant (be sure to suck out the extra water with paper towels)

Added a little parmesan cheese and some chopped cheddar (cheese is hard to come by here so I made due with chopped sandwich slices)

Added a good helping of bread crumbs.

Mixed it all together and dumped it into a cupcake pan.

Baked it until it was brown.. (yes I only have a convection oven here)

and YUM a healthiest breakfast, with leftovers and using some of the veggie drawer.

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