ajashi power…….

so…. ajashi? well, i can’t vouch for the English spelling but the word defines an older gentleman of a fatherly status.


In my first week back in Busan I’ve been trying to briskly transition into a new routine without simultaneously detonating Nicole’s head into a thousand pieces. One way that I have always managed to do this is by alleviating a mass of combustible energies in the form of a gym workout. Now, I’m quite picky when it comes to gyms. I know i’ll be spending some time there so I have certain criteria. Not the type of criteria that makes me a prima-dona gym rat…I don’t need fancy equipment….I don’t require super absorbent towels, a bidet, a wealth of flattering mirrors, baby powder or anything that resembles a pilates room (Sorry Aunt Helen). What I need is a friendly crew, some weights and a locker. My choices thus far have been riddled with the aforementioned garbagio and at a price that almost makes me wish I was the type to pop my collar and wear a matching do-rag whilst hitting the glutes machine.


Having kept you focused through this rant, I will continue to my point. After visiting 3 gyms to which I was not impressed, I decided to go for a hike. Nature always offers up a raw intensity that’s never quite replicated by a squeaky pair of  dumbbells. My hike took me to the Hwangryeong Park. Within its grounds high above the city; a soccer field, rock climbing wall, and of course, an outdoor gym. The difference however is that this outdoor gym is not the usual Korean fare. Fully functional gym equipment and a handful a free weights all available for use anytime… at no charge. The catch, hiking 40 minutes on a 60 degree incline to get there. This is where the power of the ajashi is appreciated.

My hike happened to take place on a balmy 90 degree day in the moist Busan air that enabled me to transform quite nicely into a human sprinkler early on and to the disgust of my non sweaty Korean counterparts who greeted me curiously once I arrived at the gym area.


Working off about 12 pounds via sweat is a rough way to start a workout but that doesn’t seem to stop the gents that I met at the top. So, I followed suit….used my towel often, and had myself a workout with a skyscrapers view of Busan.

Once finished, and 40 minutes later downhill, I felt like hell but a part of me loved it. I don’t know if this is a routine I can see myself keeping up on a daily basis but its an option. And so my search for a gym continues but I will again answer the call of the ajashi…….and my butt will look so freakin good…omg.


i work out?


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