Bujan Shejang 부전시장

Our huge local market for food is only a fifteen minute walk away.

There is also an art market about 20 minutes in the other direction, but we don’t frequent it. There you can find any supplies under the sun you might needwhen it comes to art projects.

Back to the Shejang…our supplies usually end up with a display similar to this:

Here are some greens…

Each bowl of veggies, 2,000 a piece… which is about $1.75

Someday I will end up with one of these as well. It is a much easier way to shop then carrying around hefty bags.An extremely rare and empty seafood rowThis is my tofu lady. She is a little old, Adam thinks about 268.It truly is the best place to shop for anything that is natural. You can find anything from nuts to fish to cedar and plants. It is much more affordable than any of the chain stores and a fun experience especially on the weekends.

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