Ad and I are huge fans of food….as most people are. Mostly we cook and eat in, but we do have two new favorite places that we frequent more and more.


We love pink berry. For a little more than $2 we get mini cups. You pick your flavor yogurt (1 of 5) and then top it with as much goodness that will fit onto without falling out of the cup. Adam usually gets chocolate yogurt topped with granola, blueberries, yogurt chips, and peanut butter. This time, I got their seasonal mint yogurt and topped it with peanut butter, chocolate mini chips and captain crunch cereal!

Garbanzos is a Colorado based Mediterranean restaurant. It has a similar feel to Moe’s! mexican. You walk in and order in line. Everything is calorie labeled and healthy and fresh (they also give you a sample of falafel when you come in) I usually get a plate. This is loaded with onions, red cabbage, pickles, babaganoush, pickled eggplant, hummus, tabouleh and lettuce. Then, you can get falafel, schwarma, or portabella mushrooms. Top it all with tzaziki or tahini, or red chili, or mediterranean garlic LOVE IT!

Adam gets everything in a pita like a big ole sandwich. We belong to their members club and get tons of specials in our email.


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