Korea, Korea

So, a few of you know already, but Adam and I are looking to head back to Korea next year for a few reasons…
* We miss Kimchi
* Save some mula, more than we can here
* Travel
* The culture
* We will be celebrities!
(These are just a few of the simple reasons, of course Adam and I have gone into much more detailed discussions)
We have applied for the EPIK program with the public school systems, hopefully to be placed in Ulsan on the east coast of the country (last time we lived on the west)
We sent our applications away at the beginning of the month and have just been told that we have passed the initial application review and have Skype interviews set up for Tuesday.
The public system is very different from the private sector which excites us a bit for a new experience. Here are some of the differences:
* We can be placed at more than one school
* We work days
* We will be working with a Korean teacher within the classroom
* We have more days off
* We will be paid more
* I will hopefully be placed in more of a training position!
We will keep you posted. Promise to blog more, especially about our time here in Colorado too.


  1. Hooray for coming back to Korea! I work in the public school system (I'm with RLP though, not EPIK) so if there is anything I can help you all with please let me know. The Ulsan area is GREAT and I actually was thinking about moving there next contract. 🙂 Wish you two the best!


  2. Omg!!! If you come please go when I go!!! lol I leave on August 3 – 5, 2012 but I haven't decided which city I want to live in. I want a city with a lot of cultural activities and places to visit. Plus, one that's closer to my friends. Ill give you more of an update in Feb since that is when everything happens. Best wishes and as always…you inspire me!!!


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