up up 5280 feet and 1500 away!

Onward and upward to our new home in the sky. March 9th we boarded our flight to Denver with our luggage, our pup and really, alot of “who knows wtf is gonna be out there?” in our heads. Like Korea, we had very little knowledge of our destination. Unlike Korea, everyone would speak english and use dollars so we are all ready ahead of the game in 2 ways.

Arriving home to our apartment finally at 2am on Thursday morning we were wasted tired and without much to sleep on, the carpeted bedroom would have to make due along with some jackets  for pillows and a sleeping bag. Things from here could only get better.

They did. Over the next 5 days we furnished the whole place 9mostly thanks to craigslist and stocked up on food care of super target to transform our digs from wtf to….schweeeeeet.

Here’s a lil breakdown of what it took for us to complete the project….

Rental Car: Dodge Caliber ($80 for the week)
Couch: free (craigslist)
Coffee Table: $25 (craigslist)
Barstools: ($50)
TV: $250 woot.com
TV stand: $30 (goodwill)
Plates and Glassware/Throw Pillows & Fishtank: $50 (goodwill)
Pots/Pan: $40 (Target)… 2 sweet ones from mom: free 😉
Dining room set: $80 (Target and World Market)
Rugs x2: $85 (world market)
Plants & garden: $60 (Home Depot/Lowes)
Bed: $enough 😉 (Mattress King)
Fish: $6 (Petsmart)
Misc Kitchen/bathroom: $50 (Target)
Adam’s bike: $100 (Craigslist)

That’s more or less what it took for us to make a home for the time being. Now that we’re settling, its time to explore to stay tuned…more from Denver on the way!

Thanks for checkin in,


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