CNN Article: Why more Americans don’t travel abroad….

 It was a constant topic of we had with travelers from all over the world while we traveled. “Why don’t more of you yanks travel?” That coming mostly from our UK buddies.

Nicole and I spoke about it frequently and much of what we discussed was laid out in good detail by CNN in an article posted online today. The gist being that American’s are comfortable at home because we have nearly an entire continent of various landscapes all to ourselves. While I don’t necessarily agree with that way of thinking regarding travel, I understand it. Needless to say though, learning that only 30% of Americans hold a passport as compared to 60% in Canada and 75% in the UK is pretty shocking to me.

Grab all the details of the Natalie Avon’s article here; 

One comment

  1. I somewhat agree with it. I think its because, right now times are hard and no one really thinks about leaving the states except to maybe go on a cruise or or visit family.


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