eatin fresh all over Asia…..

Yes, we like rice and yes, I sincerely do miss eating Kimchi on a daily basis. There is a very distinct and healthy flavor to most Asian cuisine but sometimes, just sometimes…I need more.Where do I find more….Subway, like any good minded individual. Fortunately for us, the kind people at Subway have forced themselves into just about every market on the planet and for that, I am forever grateful.

You see, a footlong tuna with the works beats the pants off a bowl of glass noodles and fish sauce most anyday of the week for Nicole and I so we take the time to show our appreciation whenever possible and “eat fresh”. Discovering Subway’s in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and now Singapore have been some of the smaller sparkling moments of our journey and while they might not seem as inspirational and culturally stimulating, my stomach would disagree with authority.

Thank you subway, you are like an old glorious sandwich making friend that is always there when we need you the most.

So, not the most productive 5 minutes of your day….thanks for reading!

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