tea time….

This past weekend Nicole and I were invited for tea by our favorite shop owner Sunny. Sunny owns the “TYEN” boutique in Beonsun-dong which just celebrated its 1 year anniversary. 
Sunny’s Apartment site high up in one of the many high rise apartment building scattered about our neighborhood. The apartment was absolutely gorgeous and one of those places that has so many interesting things to look at that you almost feel bad gawking at it all. Sunny and her family are avid music fans which was made quite obvious as we passed the several hundred CD’s nicely displayed near the entryway. 
Sunny’s husband is somewhat of a hobbyist and one of those hobbies we were told is collecting handmade teapots from around the world. He literally had hundreds and each one was as intricate and interesting as the next. He was nice enough to be our tea bartender for the evening and offered to us a selection of various Chinese teas that each had a distinct, yet not overpowering flavor. 
As you can see by the images, the tea was served on tree truck tables that were also a creation of Sunny’s husband. Sunny explained that the trunks are well over a thousand years old and before her husband could sand and treat them, they were dried out for 5 years in one of the factories they currently own in China that produces gums and candies. 
Sunny’s son’s were both a little shy which was to be expected with 2 Americans strolling around their home. Both the boys have their own study area and were very polite hosts the whole night. 
Sunny allowed me to photo graph some of their home which she was very proud of and for good reason. The art, crystal, and marble walls were all quite impressive and a tribute to their hard work and success over the years. 
We explained to Sunny as we sipped tea and chatted about life in Korea that we will miss the intimacy that is created in the Asian style of sitting on floor mats around a table drinking tea and eating rice cakes. We also will miss the opportunities to talk with people like Sunny who are so gracious and friendly. It was a very nice night and we were honored to have been invited into such a lovely home with such nice people. Thanks again Sunny!!

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