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Damiano Bag

How perfect! In less than 2 months, I will be a Damiano. How fitting that yesterday when shopping I spotted my second Damiano bag. It is a brand of purses sold here in Korea…I believe made here too, even though it says Italy. But regardless, my great friend Jessica, picked me out a fantastic light grey colored leather bag as a 30th birthday present!

Soon, my new last name will match my new bag..sounds perfect to me πŸ™‚

One thought on “Damiano Bag

  1. Nicole, after reading your blog, I can truly see how happy you are. You and Adam ARE a perfect match. Mom and I were discussing this just yesterday. We were at temple last night and you were asked about and we proudly spoke of you as they mentioned the article in Lake Mary Life. The Rabbi brought it up. You are about to turn 30…..sounds like a brand new era in your life. Seems like just yesterday you turned 13. Gammy and Bippy would be so proud of the young lady you turned out to be. I know Grandma and Papa are so very proud of you. They would also be so proud that you found Adam.


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