Yoga Inspiration

Here are three of the most special women who have entered my life this year. The one on the far left is another student, the one directly to my left is my main teacher, the two to the right are her friends, also teachers who have touched my life.
Today, my teacher took me to her home across town, which doubles as a second studio. There they had a student who spoke very good english and I learned alot about the foundations of their yoga practice.
The three of them live a very simple and peaceful life. Their yoga practice is based on prana or breathe just like any other and inner healing. By sitting or moving into certain positions for 7-10 minutes, they can tell my the colors in your limbs, based on blood flow, what is wrong with your body.
You skin, acne, and any other issue that you may have can all be solved through breathe. Your weight loss can be increased based on 4 poses done in class. 
My teacher said that along our travels and throughout our life, it is up to me to continue my practice, on my own. I need to find the motivation from within to practice every day. It will slow the aging process and will heal anything that may be wrong internally.
She said that patience is important because it takes years to perfect a pose and that although she helps me with my alignment daily, my body will fix itself even if she is not there to adjust me, it will just take longer.
I know I have said it before, but I will miss all three of my very special teachers, immensely. 

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