need a vaca from the states?…try North Korea!!

Its true, and now the dream can become a reality for American citizens. North Korea has just lifted travel restrictions to allow visitors from the states tourist entry in the spring and autumn in an effort to boost tourism and get some much needed cash into the economy (or Kimmy’s funky money clip)

Not that its that unreasonable to want to see the most reclusive country in the world. For some, this offers an opportunity to go inside and get a true perspective of what really goes within North Korean borders.

Guided tours are mandatory and visitors will undergo intensive pre-travel briefings on behavior expectations before entering. So, its not exactly Barbados but I doubt those visiting have that image in their heads either. Here’s a link to a pretty legit tour page they have setup with the rundown of the tour options….(peep the travel rules if you have an extra 20 minutes to read all the rediculousness)
Anyway, peep the link courtesy of for some more detailed info. Click here


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