Sports Day, Take 2

Ah yes, so its that time again for the ultra competitive debacle the school cleverly calls, “sports day”. As before, the day would include team sports and opportunities for self humiliation in the form of dancing in my case.

The first stop was the train village of Gokseong which was neat, unfortunately we didn’t have much time to explore but I did grab a few shots of the area which we will hopefully be able to revisit before we head out.
Before the competitions, we all stood in the front of a water fountain play area and although it was cold and we are adults…we couldn’t help but run through…a few times. The first few times we were lucky and then our boss encouraged us to do it again. little did we know that people were coming in on all sides. Another girl and Nicole bumped heads and then the water exploded on them and they were soaked.
The initial set of competitions pitted individual team members against each other in cruel tests of spirit which for me was pounding 16 ounces of coke before 5 others could eat some wasabe bread. I may have won the competition but my stomach was losing the battle for the next few hours.
After some sushi for lunch the games began. We began with our group chant that highlighted my lack of coordination on the dance floor an then onto the all womens soccer game. Nicole mistook this game for a world cup qualifier and immediately went for the shins of the opposing players which in the end was a good strategy as she scored and her team went on to win the game overall.
The rest of the day was filled with other random activities including foot soccer, relays, korean steel ringy games, and a shoe toss to name a few.
The final tally found Nicole’s Reading Star/Ghumo Avalon team the victors this time around and the proud recipients of a foam memory pillow rod…..yup.

Need more photos, check under the photographs tab at the top for the full shabang….

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