Fish Diving and Perms

Yesterday while we were awaiting the bus to head downtown, we spotted these two little curious boys trying to “urban fish.” What makes it better, is that the boy on the left, is getting his hair set in a perm.

Urban Fishing was a term introduced to us by a friend who one night, after a few boos, with friends, decided to try to hand catch fish outside of the restaurants, who all have these huge white tanks. It was a big fiasco, but they had fun.
Anyway, perm and his friend were slidding the white doors looking for fish and they were laughing so hard, we thought it was hysterical.
Perms are a big thing here, I think it has to do with everyone just wanting to look a little different.
Also, a big discovery, a great little free program for photo editing. Just downloaded it this morning on the netbook and it is easy to use, with great results!

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