My Gwangju News Article on Suncheon Bay….

In case you missed any previous posts mentioning it, the “Gwangju News” is a local publication in English put together mainly by foreigners and serves as a pretty decent source of info for those here teaching, traveling, etc. The editor Jon, approached us with the idea of writing an article about a trip we had taken in November to Suncheon Bay in Suncheon (but you already know that since you read the blog….)so we said sure and here’s the end result. Feels kinda nice to be a part in helping the local English speaking community discover some of what the Jeollanam-do province has to offer by writing an informative travel article. Take a look, and for those who are in the area, hope it helps you too!……page 20 and 21 (scroll down bout halfway)

thanks for reading,

Gwangju News March 2010


  1. I actually just ran across that the other day. I read it and decided we will go there on a weekend here soon before I looked at who wrote it. Good job!


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