South Korea’s Winter Olympic Athletes Ready to Bring It in Vancouver!

Today marked the kickoff to the 2010 games and being in South Korea we feel a certain sense of pride rooting for the “home” team. While I certainly do want to see the states do well as always, its exciting to follow some of the South Korean athletes on their quest for gold in these Olympics as well.

I did a blog recently on the bobsled team which will be competing in their first games ever this year but the South Korean team has a few more names that are worth a watch as you tune in this year.

You’ve probably heard of Yu-Na Kim (Kim Yu-na), the figure skater. She’s been pegged as the overall favorite for gold in these games with her massive world title victory last year. The South Korean’s boast the strongest short track team in the world which was proven yet again in the last winter olympics where they cleaned up taking 6 of 8 golds in the sport. Lee Ho-Suk and Kwak Yoon-Gy will are the ones to watch in theshort track events.

On the women’s side SoKo, check out Kim Min-Jung who won medals at the World Championships in 2009. She’s a medal favorite in the relay events this year as well.

Lee Kang-Seok and Lee Kyu-Yulk are considered favorites to medal in the man’s long track speed skating events. Both finished 1 and 2 respectively at the 2009 worlds.

This years South Korean team is the largest team ever sent by the country and its gonna be exciting to see how it all goes down.
if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(‘daa0b1a0-befb-4ac6-af9d-41c89e53d77b’as they say with fists raised high…..FIGHTING!!!!!!

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