Sandy’s Essay

I read the comments you guys wrote about the essays and I guess I never really thought about how great their papers are considering it is their second language. I just push and push and want perfection. Look here at Sandy’s essay…her hook rocks! (it is what I have been focusing on lately)

TOW-1 Sandy

Help of fast food

The water was boiling in the cup and the smoke came up to my nose and covered my eyes. I inhaled the delicious smell of cup of noodles. Three minutes passed very slowly. I was cooking the cup of noodles in the market with my friend. When the cup of noodles was cooking, I studied for my math test. I had only 1000won but I could buy a cup of noodles and eat lunch. I think easy to prepare food makes life better because it is convenient, we can eat various foods and it is economic.

It is very convenient to make and eat. We can make and eat very fast. When we eat dumplings we just roast them and it takes a very short time, almost 10 minutes. It is very easy to make. When My Mother goes to a gathering, my brother and I eat food from the market. Last time, I bought pumpkin soup and I poured in the hot water and I ate it. We can do other things when we cook foods too. We can do other things when we cook the fast foods. When I cook the cup of noodles, I pour in the hot water and I wait for 3“~ 5 minutes and I can do my homework or study while I wait.

Fast food is also very economic. It creates more jobs. When we make the fast foods in factories we need lots of employees. We can store the food for a very long time. Fast foods have a long shelf life. The Cup of noodles shelf life is almost 1~2 years, so we dont have to throw it away when it goes bad. It is very cheap. Cup of noodles are very cheap so, pupils and children can buy it.

We can eat various foods. When we buy the fast food, we can eat foods that we cant cook. My mother cant make French Fried potatoes. In the market, we can buy the frozen French Fried potatoes instead. We can eat other countries foods. We can buy wheat noodles which is a Japanese food and I like it. We can taste various flavors. When I go to market, I can find the tteokbokki sauce. There are spicy, sweet and not spicy flavors.

In Korea most people are very busy. They are always running and tired. The fast foods help them. There are a lot of fast foods such as, noodles, dumplings, French Fried potatoes and even rice. Like this, nowadays, a lot of people prefer the fast foods because it is very convenient, economic and people can eat various foods.

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  1. This is really good. I teach 4-6 at two schools and though I aspire one day their work will be on the same level of Sandy's I'm stil proud of them–even if they miss articles, subject-verb agreement or pronoun usage. I mean, writing in another language is hard. I can't even write three sentences in Korean. Don't be so hard on them/yourself when their works not glorious. You're getting up there everyday and teaching them. What's rewarding about teaching is when your students learned something you taught/maybe they even look up to you as a role model of sorts…Teaching is awesome. Nice blog!


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