There are quite a few movie theatres in Gwangju. One in the bus stations, which features 3D movies and three that we have seen in the small downtown area. We tend to frequent Megabox. Megabox is a multilevel movie theatre. It costs 8,000 per ticket and the theatre is spotless. Not only can you buy popcorn and nachos in the lobby, but also dried squid that you can peel apart as a snack. When you buy your ticket, you pick your assigned seat and that is where you sit during the movie.
The best part about the movies is that we don’t have to read the translations. The american humor is fun when we are the only one’s laughing in the whole theatre. Once in awhile the humor is understood and it makes the experience a bit better. When the movie is over and the lights come on, the theatre attendant bows as a thank you and directs everyone out. It is a nice way to spend an evening in Gwangju!

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