Party Time, Excellent.

Fortunately, Nicole and I work at a language academy that tries to do right by its employees and part of that includes an end of the year party. Last night at the local Ramada we had out end of the year fiesta to close out 2009 and welcome the new year with some singing, drinkin, eating and group talent show.
Nicole’s group did a creative take on frosty the snowman by wrapping up people in toilet paper which was a big hit and a lot of fun to watch, especially since Nicole was one of the lucky ones that was being covered in the t.p. Check it.

My group did our best to get the crowd involved by going with the 12 days of christmas and having the audience sing different days which went well with the exception of the confusion over who had what days and the overall melody but we got through it…..peep the vid to see the tomfoolery for yourself……

The night featured a few karaoke performances….Pete and Sue rocked out pretty hard….

Some groups practiced quite a bit for the event with choreographed dance routines that were pretty sweet even if they were set to a Miley Cyrus hoe-down song that I now secretly love…

Nicole won a few awards including the very deserved best dressed and best personality prize while I picked up the coveted “most gentle” prize which might not go over so well back home but here in Korea, they dig it.

It was a nice night and although some of the speeches were mainly in Korean, we felt that they must have been saying something nice, or they wouldn’t have hosted such a kick butt partaay for us 😉

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