Good Morning Pops.굿모닝팝스

Gianna, a coworker of mine, has her nose buried in Good Morning Pops magazine quite often. I asked her to explain to me how it works. The magazine is about the size of a novel and has a coexisting radio station in the morning…or you can download pod casts.

Basically how it works is each edition has parts of a script from an English movie, song lyrics, and a poem. Then, it takes the script, explains what it means and offers different responses and comments you can say based on the line in the script.

For Example…(i couldn’t figure out how to get the camera to take a good shot of words) This is from New in Town with Renee Zelweiger. The quote from the movie is, “I think that would be a terrible mistake” Underneath in the box is says things like, “Well, I disagree.” Then, Gianna can practice real life conversation. She seems to pick it up really fast and I can tell when we are talking she will say a phrase, instead of just one word which is how many Koreans answer questions. Sometimes though, the book leads her a bit astray. One day she said to me, “Sure as shooting.” I was like what??? Sure as shit?

Anyway, the book also has conversation circles, so this one is about babies. It explains words that are associated with a baby and gives you space to write sentences including the words. I personally haven’t seen anyone else studying it at work, but I think that these magazines are great!

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