rain sux, blogs don’t…..

I have found that anything that hinders my weekend excursions in South Korea is immediately my nemesis and so that happens to be the rain today as we were not able to explore. However, I will share a lil bit about the weekends happenings….,

Yesterday as you already know, Nicole made out like a bandit at the eyeglasses store so afterwards we cabbed it over to the downtown area in cab ride that almost ended in, well…vomit. Anyways, here’s some shots from our Saturday stroll…..

…today I said screw it to the rain and journeyed through the backstreets of town and discovered a pretty cool temple. its pretty awesome to be in a place where you can just happen upon something like a buddhist temple just toolin around on your bike minutes from home…..

oh right, I know I said we’d do a blog on Halloween but I thought since a buddy of mine at work put in the time to write his own i’d direct you over to his for the details of our school halloween festivities…click on the link below the pics to read about it at Pete’s “Petebog”, if you dare!!! muhuhahah….alright.


have an awesome week everyone!


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