After a lazy Saturday we decided to pack it up and ditch the pup for yet another domestic excursion. This trip lands us in the capital city of Jeollabuk-do known as Jeonju. Famous for food and historic buildings, we thought it would be a nice place to check out some of the traditional homes that are hard to come by in Gwangju amidst the imposing skyscraper apartment army that looms over the city. Surrounded by rolling hills and the usual beautiful countryside of South Korea, we found Jeonju’s traditional homes to be gorgeous. And I don’t use that word lightly (unless we’re talkin Ferarri’s and Aston Martins…and Nicole!). The style and graceful nature of a traditional Asian home trumps anything I’ve seen in the states. The historical sights that housed some of the memorial temples were fantastic and ultra peaceful spots that Nicole and I both agreed would be very sweet cribs (had we been alive a few hundred years ago……and Asian).

The trip wasn’t all peaches and cream though. I managed to lose our uber-cool nikon coolpix camera in a taxi when we first arrived so the pix you see in the video are from the phone. We did grab a new Samsung VLUU L201 camera when we got back into Gwangju that’s actually not even available in the states yet for a really good price so in the end, not as devastating.

For dinner because we are fat bastards, we went to TGI Fridays at the bus station. We thought a salad sounded kinda nice and….. not snot producing spicy. I think the highlight of that event had to be the waitresses in bunny ears and funky animal hats for no apparent reason as entertainment for the guests. Here’s ours 😉

3 days till Japan yall! Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!


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