all you need is love….dogs and coffee, some scandelous shoes at Burger King and soccer.

Happy Friday to all and everyone who has the distinct honor of reading this blog today!!! You should feel really good about this…..or not. Let me start off by apologizing for the gap in entries….i’ve really just been a lazy $hit about it and thats all I can tell ya.

There have certainly been some events the past few weeks and even some photos to prove it so i will begin. To begin we have been doing pretty well in our Korean language classes and I have even learned how to write a few things in Korean, including my name (which shocks the $hit outta the kids when i write it on the board for them at school). We have our third class tomorrow and a reading test so we’ve been studying and i’ve been asking my kids for help at school. Even though they think its funny to teach me how to say “see ya later” when I find out that it actually means something more like “piss off” so i have to be careful with them.

2 weeks ago after class we were downtown looking for a coffee spot which led us to a most interesting establishment. I don’tknow what it was called but we went into an upstairs coffee/pet store to relax and check out some fashionably amazing dogs and cats while we had a cup of joe. Nicole thought the place was amazing but theres just something about random smelly dogs from foreign countries sitting on my lap while I drink my coffee that just doesn’t turn me on the way you might think. I did however take a few photos for your enjoyment.

After our romp with the animals we worked up an appetite for some good ole’ american cuisine so we decided to check out the Burger King down the street to see how it compared to the states. Conveniently they have a “couples” combo that goes for about $10 bucks that includes 2 drinks, fries, nugget sticks, a whopper and chicken sandwich so we grabbed one of those and headed to the upstairs dining area to prove how American we really are and shove it all down our throats. While we were eating (which aside from the chicken sandwich tasted the same) we noticed a trend among the women walking down the street that was extremely common but certainly not something you see as much of back home. All the girls, and even older women are very touchy with one another….don’t get excited, i’m really referring more to the fact that they hold hands all the time and have to have at least one hand on the other at all times….ok, its a little exciting. Anyways, we thought we would be creepy for a few and snap a few of these lovers for your viewing pleasure.

We just thought this chick at BK was just way too scandalous not to take a picture of.

Finally, we got to catch our first soccer match at the world cup stadium last weekend between the Gwangju Phoenix and Jeju island team. The stadium was used for the FIFA 2002 World Cup and was really pretty impressive. The stands were pretty empty but the fans that were there were very passionate and that was probably partially due to the 50 cent beer and free refills the stadium was offering 😉 It was also ladies night so all the women got in free. i would have taken more shots but the battery decided to crap out early on me.

Nicole will be posting her take on our “dumpster diving” adventure very shortly so stay tuned and have a phenomenal weekend errrrrrbody!!!


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