A long, eye opening, trip home

It is 3:30 AM in Lake Mary Florida and I have just arrived at my parents. I had two delayed planes and ended up landing only 2 hours later than expected. My body doesn’t seem to want to sleep. It definitely wants to eat, but nothing here sounds appetizing, I want some shabu broth.

Anyway, this morning (yesterday morning, korea time) Adam went with me to the bus station at 10 am and it just so happened there was a 10:40 bus to Incheon which allowed me just enough time to buy a drink, use the facilities and get on the bus. I could not believe it, but I cried. I am not sure what came over me, but I was so sad to leave. I was sad to leave Gwangju, our routine, our home and Adam. In my mind, I now I will be back in a few days, but something triggered stupid girlie tears.

The bus left pretty much right away and I sat in the back row of the comfy bus (Korean long distance busses are VERY comfortable), put my ipod on Korean for beginners and watched the mountianous countrysude roll by. I guess when we first landed we made the trip in the dark and I had no idea truly what the rest of Korea looked like. I had this mind blowing, liberating moment. The kind where I could have been a superhero standing ontop of the bus and standing titanically with my arms outstretched and saying I AM FREE!! It was calming and exciting and I couldn’t stop smiling with the realization of just what Adam and I have done. Moved across the world. Changed our lives.

Ill stop here because once I landed in San Francisco I was reminded at so many things about Americans that gross me out or make me become judgemental and somehow has this horrible effect on my confidence and emotions. I will just say, that us, moving to Korea, was the best decision we have ever made (I hope Adam agrees as I am writing this from across the world without consulting with him first)

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