we’re in!!!!

its official my friends, we are goin and alot sooner than expected but as is this whole thing, an adventure the next 30 days will be. we were offered the positions at the JNS Academy schools (me and Avalon and nicole at Readingtown which are located in the same building) with the stipulation that we would be ready to pack up and ship out by the end of May. So after I changed my boxers and mulled it over with nicole, we gave them a great american YEEEEHAAWWW!!…..no, not at all. I shreaked like a little girl and said yes sir! (theres going to be an obvious difference in tone when i write these so get to lovin it now)Nicole is actually going to start her contract however at the end of June as she needs to come back to the states for a few days to be in her best friends wedding. So she’ll chill for a month with me when we arrive in may so we can go through the acclomation process together. Also we’ll also be fitted with a sweet double occupancy pad that I am sure is paved with gold and pad thai w/ peanut sauce. But in all seriousness, we’re extremely excited and even though we’ve got a ton to do in preparation for the move we know its meant to be this way and every step will be as exciting as the next.

oh right, almost forgot about olive (not unusual)…i kid. So we have hopefully negotiated a plan to allow for her to come over with us which was mainly due in part to the photo I had to show the school to prove that she wasn’t a huge mess of a dog that would ransack the apartment.

my goal was to depict her as the titan she is next to the cereal box which i think worked out but we’ll know for sure in a few days if she’s got eh go ahead to head out with us so we’ll keep you informed.

Thats all for now folks but its all real and its all happenin so I hope you keep readng because it just gets better from here!!

-adam 😉

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