Next Steps…

I read somewhere that if you post too often, people won’t read it. But, how do you not post every step of the exciting adventure??

Here are our International Driving Permits.

This past week, we had two interviews. First, Joey called us. He is a teacher at the school in Gwangju called Reading Town. He asked us basic questions like what would we do when a group of Korean children decide to test us and speak all in Korean? He also asked us why we wanted to come to Korea and told us a bit about the school itself.
The company owns two schools, one on the third floor of a building and one on the fourth. Adam and I would teach at different schools that way we would be able to balance our days off a bit better and we would have some time away from each other 🙂 The students are mostly children of well respected people in the community, Drs., Lawyers, etc. They will most likely become exchange students or travel for their higher education.
There are 12 native English speaking teachers all together, 6 at each school. They all eat together and spend time doing things outside of school together as well. Lunch is $34.00 for the month and provided by the school. Classes average 8-12 students. We will teach either writing or reading.

Here are pictures of the school.

Adam and I were then interviewed by Sue, the director of Reading Town. I loved that her speech was so perfect. She didn’t use any slang and her voice was so sweet sounding. She asked us about our religion, diet and tattoos. She also asked why we wanted to come to Korea and was happy we had done so much research. She then asked us about our family and siblings.

I told her that I felt like this whole process/ experience was meant to be. Everything seems to be falling into place so easily and the feeling that both Adam and I have is that of excitement mixed with a confident vision of our future in Korea and beyond.

Today Adam researched their baseball team and I am sure we will end up going to many games. Gwangju has the Kia Tigers who are 6th out of the 8 teams in the country.

Anyway, the next steps… Monday or Tuesday we should hear from Sue with a job offer. From there, she sends us a contract and we send her our documents which are all ready to go. Then, once she reviews them, she sends us a Visa confirmation number. We will have to drive to Atlanta to receive our Visa. It is then that this will be truly our next chapter of our lives. I really can’t wait. (I honestly can’t wait to tell my boss and get this heavy secret off of my shoulders)

Here are also some pictures of the bus station and the KTX (the speed train), the soccer stadium and a map of where exactly Gwangju is located.

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