gettin it done….

Alright, my turn to write something on this blog action. So today we got a hefty amount of paperwork done in preparation for South Korea. First we got a bunch of passport photos taken that were necessary for the international driving permits and Visa’s, then we got our degrees notarized and fedex’d out to Tallahassee to be apostille’d (whatever that is, but its mandatory). So overall we got the International Driver’s Permits and all the paperwork sent off so now we get the job offer, the Visa’s and a plane ticket! We’ve also decided that a major garage sale is going to be scheduled very shortly to get rid of a lot of crap that we’ve got and since it all can’t come with us, why not make a few bucks that we can spend on rice cookers and cheap Korean booze no? Tonight at 10pm we’ve got the phone interview with the head teacher from the school in Gwangju so we’ll check back after that goes down and we kick some interview booty yet again!


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  1. Hi Nicole,Yes, I’m at Reading Town in Gwangju and Joey is one of my coworkers! Congrats on deciding to come to Korea and navigating your way through application/paperwork business. Joey said you sounded nice and enthusiastic. I think you’ll like living in Gwangju. Life here has its ups and downs, but overall life is pretty easy and exciting. My guess is that you guys will be filling Matt and I’s positions (and maybe our apartment) as we’re leaving the end of May. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions! You can send me an email if you’d like at Welcome!Ashley


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